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The 8th Annual Art & Jazz in the Rose Gardens Festival will be back in the Rose Gardens Exposition Park LA on Saturday, May 21, 2022. 12-8pm


The 8th Annual Art & Jazz in the Rose Gardens Festival has easily become the City of Los Angeles Rose Gardens premiere entertainment event. Having 7 years of history under its belt, Art & Jazz in the Rose Gardens Festival celebrates diversity, culture, and art through various genres of music. Event-goers find themselves entrenched in the rich beats and musical stylings that vibrate from the stage. The event not only brings Local talented vendors and businesses to Art & Jazz in the Rose Gardens Festival but it gives local artists the opportunity to be seen, heard and possibly discovered.


There is perhaps no other place on Earth, then the Rose Gardens that represents as much potential and opportunity for growth and development for the festival.


The Rose Garden is visited by hundreds of Angelinos and tourists each year.


As a nonprofit, Passion For Art Inc. is devoted to education by presenting a year-round local, regional programs. The purpose of Passion For Art Foundation is to help artists achieve their goals and to move them onto the next level of their passion. We support those with a strong passion so they can continue with their endeavors. Many students have been the benefactors of the Festival’s educational efforts through the different States from events produced by Dysonna Art Productions. This Year we will feature, two scholarships for artists will be presented during the Festival, plus a summer jazz camp, modeling and art camp, which embark on annual performance for the summer.

Performing Live Spoken Word 

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Hosting & Performing Live Spoken Word 

Every 2nd Sunday of each month, Poetik LA delivers unforgettable themed performances from some of the best-spoken word artists, slam poets, and storytellers in the Los Angeles area from a magical outdoor amphitheater located in Silverlake.


Sunday, June 12th, 8:00-10:00 pm,  2930 Hyperion Ave., Los Angeles, CA 90027

June is pride month in Los Angeles, and Poetik LA is paying respect to the boldest, and the baddest, most beautiful social boundary (re)setters on the planet! This event's theme is, Love is Love, which means that all are welcome and invited to share their take on what it is to be in such a state of feeling.


Hetro-sexual, cis-gendered poets & storytellers are equally as honored for their love, but this event will be focused upon and crowning achievements of non-normative sexual/gender orientated romance displayed on the current world stage. 


Please join us and bring an open heart for the best pride & poetry event Los Angeles has to offer this year!     

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